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Eravipuram - St. John the Baptist’s Church

  • Forane : Tuet
  • Parish Priest : 59
  • Assistant Priest : 117
  • Assistant Priest : 119
  • Address : St. John the Baptist’s Church Eravipuram Kollam 691 011
  • Phone No. : 0474-2729973
  • E-mail :
  • Website :
Liturgical Timing

According to tradition the first Christian presence in this area dates back to 825 with Sabir Easo Muthalay (Persian Christian Merchant based in Quilon) establishing trade with the local people.  This was accompanied by conversions too.  When the Portuguese came to Quilon there was already a small Christian Community in Eravipuram.  The Church in Upper Quilon had a sub-station in Eravipuram in 1644, ministered by the Jesuits.  Eravipuram was knows as “Paymel” in Portuguese records.  Eravipuram was erected as a Parish in 1684.  Fr. D. Santiago, a Portuguese Franciscan was the first parish priest.  He built a church near the sea which is now the convent chapel.  The present Church with St. John the Baptist as Patron was built in 1924.  In 1968 the Church was extended.  The parish was entrusted to the care of Norbertine Fathers in 1977. Very Rev. Fr. Anil Jose is the Present Parish Priest.