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A New Pastor for the Diocese; Rt. Rev. Dr. Paul Antony Mullassery

Rev. Msgr. Paul Antony Mullassery was born in Kaithakody on 15 January 1960, in the diocese of Quilon. He studied in Saint Raphael Seminary, Trinity Lyceum, Kollam and, finally, philosophy and theology in Saint Joseph’s Pontifical Seminary, Alwaye. He holds a doctorate in canon law from the Pontifical Urbaniana University, Rome. He was ordained a priest on 22 December 1984 for the clergy of the diocese of Quilon.

Since priestly ordination he has held the following offices: parish vicar of St. Michael’s Church in Kumbalam (1985-1986); parish priest of Three Kings’ Church in Vadakkumthala (1986-1987); parish priest of St. Joseph’s Church in Padappakara (1987-1988); deputy director of the Catechesis and Bible Apostolate and Prefect in the Minor Seminary of Saint Raphael of Quilon (1988-1990); studies in Canon Law in Rome (1990-1994); parish priest of the Infant Jesus Cathedral, Quilon (1995-2002); judge of the diocesan tribunal (since 1995); chancellor of the diocese (1997-2006); parish priest of Holy Cross Church in Tangasseri (2002-2004); rector of Saint Raphael’s Seminary of Quilon (2004-2006); pro-vicar general of Quilon (2006-2010); episcopal vicar for pastoral ministry (2006-2012); judicial vicar of Quilon (2013-2017); spiritual director of the Saint Raphael’s Seminary in Quilon (2014-2017); and vicar general of the diocese of Quilon (since 2017).