The Corporate Educational Agency

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1. Definition:  The Corporate Educational Agency of the Diocese of Quilon is a Corporation comprising Primary, Secondary and training Schools established under the Diocese of Quilon.

2.  Object:  The object of the Corporation is:-

       a) To impart sound and proper education o the children  of the   Diocese of Quilon in particular and to all other children in General  irrespective of creed and community.

       b)To co-ordinate all the educational activities carried on under the authority of the Diocese of Quilon.

      c)To undertake and execute schemes conducive to implement the above objects.

3.  Corporate Educational Agency:

 a)  His Excellency the Bishop of Quilon by Virtue of his office as Head  of the Diocese is the legal and constitutional Head of this Corporation and as such he is the Educational Agency.

b)  The proprietary rights over all the said School are vested with the Bishop of Quilon by virtue of his office as Head of  the Diocese.

4.  Corporate management:

       a) As Head of this Corporation, His Excellency   the  Bishop of Quilon  Exercises his authority either directly or through his Power of attorney.

        Each school shall be managed by a separate Manager/ Local Manager appointed by the Bishop and approved by the Educational Officer concerned as per rules.  The Local Managers appointed by the Bishop shall exercise the powers contemplated by the Kerala Education Act and Rules. Except:-

i)  Appointments, transfers and promotions of the teaching and non-teaching staff of the schools.

ii)  Receiving maintenance and other grants.  The said powers will rest with the Bishop.

b) (1).To help and advise the Corporate Agency, to evolve suitable policies and to supervise the management of the Schools, a Governing Board will be constituted.  The Board will consist of: The Vicar General of the Diocese (Ex. officio Chairman),  The Education Secretary of the Diocese (Secretary of the Board), correspondent of the Corporate Management (Member) an advocate(member)an academician(member) and a retired principal or H.M.(member).

(2)   The tenure of the Governing Board will be 3 years.

(3)  The Educational Agency reserves the right to nominate the members, accept the resignation or reconstitute the board at any time.

5.  Correspondent:As per provisions in the Kerala Education Rules, Chapter III. Rule 6, the Corporate Manager may appoint a General Correspondent whose duty is to look after the routine duties of the Corporate Manager and carry on all correspondence relating to the Corporate Educational Agency.

6.   Conclusion:  Not withstanding anything provided in this constitution, the Bishop as Head of the Corporation retains to  himself the power to change or modify, delete or add or otherwise alter any of these Rules, in consonance with the Kerala Education Act and Rules and subject to the powers and jurisdiction vested in  the Bishop, with the approval of the department.

Enclosure.A List of schools existing at present under the Corporation showing the respective educational districts to which the schools belongs.

Rev. Fr. Binu Thomas B.,Education Secretary



1.      St. Antony’s  HSS ,Kanjiracode

2.      Krist Raj HSS., Kollam

3.      Vimala Hridaya GHSS, Kollam

4.      St. Aloysius  H.S.S, Kollam

5.      St. Michael’s HSS ,Kumbalam



1.      St. John’s H.S. ,Eravipuram

2.      St. Antony’s. H S ,Kanjiracode,

3.      St. Joseph’s H S, Sakthikulangara

4.      St. Margaret’s G.H.S., Kanjiracode

5.      N.S.M.G.H.S Kottiyam

6.      St. Antony’s HS, Koivila

7.      St. Michael’s H.S ,Kumbalam

8.      St.Agnes G.H.S. ,Neendakara

9.      St. Joseph  H.S., Padappakara

10.  St. Aloysius H.S., Kollam

11.  Krist Raj HS, Kollam

12.  Vimala Hridaya GHS. ,Kollam

13.  C.F.H.S. , Kottiyam

14.  C.F.T.T.I. & LPS Kottiyam



1.      H. I. J.   UPS, Ulunthy

2.      St, Francis UPS, Koduvila

3.      St. Andrew’s UPS , Kanatharkunnam

4.      St. Antony’s   UPS,   Vaddy

5.      St. Antony’s UPS, Kandachira

6.      St. George’s UPS, Arinalloor,

7.      St. George UPS , Kadavoor

8.      St. James's UPS, Karuvatta

9.      St. John’s UPS, Thirumullavaram

10.  St. Joseph’s UPS,  Clappana

11.  St. Joseph’s UPS,  Valiyakada



1.      St. Joseph’s LPS, Aravila

2.      R.C. Emmanuel LPS, Azheekal

3.      L.F. LPS, Chemmakad

4.      S.H. LPS , Vadakkumbhagam

5.      L.F. LPS, Kadappakada

6.      Kadavoor LPS Maithili

7.      St. Sebastian’s LPS, Kallickad

8.      St. Margaret’s LPS, Kanjiracode

9.      St. Antony’s LPS, Kanjiracode

10.  Kannamangalam North LPS

11.  St. Sale’s LPS Kannanalloor

12.  St. Joseph’s LPS, Karithura

13.  St. Antony’s LPS,Koivila

14.  St. Legory’s LPS, Kovilthottam

15.  St. Mary’s LPS, Kumbalam

16.  St. Joseph’s LPS, Mamughil

17.  St Joseph’s LPS Mangad

18.  Holy Family LPS, Mukkad

19.  St. Sebastian’s LPS ,Neendakara

20.  St. John’s LPS Njaramood

21.  St. Francis, LPS, Parumala

22.  St. Mary’s LPS ,Pullichira

23.  Balikamariam LPS, Kollam 

24.  St. Leon’s LPS, Sakthikulangara

25.  St. Mary’s LPS, Sasthamcotta

26.  St. Patrick’s LPS, Tangassery

27.  St. Augustine’s LPS Thalamughil

28.  St. Antony’s , LPS  Tillery

29.  Infant Jesus LPS, Tope

30.  Holy Family LPS, Tuet

31.  St. Aloysius LPS Vadakkumthala,

32.  Mattam North LPS, Valiyaperumpuzha