Sacred Liturgy

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Commission for Liturgy

The Liturgy is the public worship which our Redeemer as Head of the Church renders to the Father as well as the worship which the community of the faithful renders to its Founder, and through Him to the heavenly Father.  It is the submit towards which the activity of the Church is directed; at the same time it is the fount from which all her powers flow.  All who are made sons of God by faith and baptism should then come together to praise God in the midst of His Church, to take part in the sacrifice and to eat the Lord’s Supper.

The Liturgy communicates a most profound reality: who God is and who we are before God.  The celebration of the Eucharist is the Catholic Church’s fullest and deepest statement of faith.  At the Eucharist,    God’s people come together to hear the word of the Lord, to pray for the world’s needs, to praise God and give thanks for His creative and saving works, to receive Christ Jesus in communion and then to be sent forth in the spirit as Apostles  of the Gospel.  Therefore each parish, each community, each diocese and the universal church must be Christ the redeemer present and active in the world.  We his members must be one with Him as he reaches out to all men.

The list of persons on the commission for liturgy for the year 2012-2014

Patron                                 :         Most Rev. Stanley Roman

Resource Personnals    :         Rt. Rev. Msgr. K.J. Jesudas

                                               :         Rev. Fr. Vincent Machado

                                                           Rev. Msgr. Paul Antony Mullassery

                                                           Rev. Dr. Rolden Jacob

                                                           Rev. Sr. Jetrude (H.C.)

                                                           Rev. Sr. Jeswina Mary (FIH)

Forane directors for liturgy commission

Kollam A                                 Rev. Fr. Manoj Antony

Kollam B                                 Rev. Fr. John Paul C.

Neendakara                            Rev. Fr. Filson Francis

Mavelikara                             Rev. Fr. Joyson Joseph

Kanjiracode                            Rev. Fr. Joseph S. Kadavil

Secretary                                Mr. Johnson George

Selected Members from among the Liturgical Secretaries of the Diocese are 14.

1.             Mrs. Reeta Solomon, Mukkad

2.             Mrs. Jacintha Thomas, Aravila

3.             Mrs. Lizy Joseph, Mangad

4.             Mrs. Jessy Mathew, Thekkumbhagom

5.             Mr. David J, Kovilthottam

6.             Mr. Vincent, Ennakad

7.             Mrs. Sosamma Francis, Clappana

8.             Mrs. Sheeba, Kaithacody

9.             Mrs. Elsy Varghese, Kottapuram

10.         Mrs. Lillykutty, Padappakara

11.         Mrs. Molly Antony, Kureepally

12.         Mrs. Bernieta Jose, Muthukulam

13.         Mrs. Diana Basil, Kanjiracode

14.         Mrs. Gracy Bernard, Kadavoor